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  • I am happy to teach three courses in the winter semestar at the Europe University Viadrina this year: 1) Political Epistemology, 2) Revolutionary cycles of contemporary Ukraine, 3) Meaning of A Revolution. Revolution as a topic in contemporary political philosophy and theory(October 2017 – January 2018).
  • I am proud to make an opening lecture on “After Great Revolution: Soviet Modernization and Demodernization” at the International Workshop “The Ukrainian Experiment: State-Building in Practices (1917–1922)“, LaxEx EHNE Paris and IKK Jena, Paris, 11-12 December 2017.
  • I will be happy to present my upcoming book Photosophy at the Master-Klass in Kiev, 16 December 2017.
  • My book “Development and Dystopia. Studies in Post-Soviet Ukraine and Eastern Europe” is announced by ibidem-Verlag and Columbia State University Press to be published in March 2018.



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