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  • I am happy to teach three courses in the summer semestar 2018 at the Europe University Viadrina: 1) Non-Western Philosophies of History, 2) History of Post-Soviet Separatism and Reconciliation (1991 – 2017), 3) History of Post-Soviet Ukraine (April – July 2018).
  • I cannot wait the moment to discuss Ideological Function of Ukranian Institute of National Memory after Euromaidan (in German) at the Interdisziplinärer Workshop „Umstrittene Erinnerungsorte in der Ukraine im Spiegel der deutschen, polnischen, ukrainischen und russischen Literatur und Geschichtsschreibung“, 14.-16. Juni 2018, Frankfurt/Oder
  • I am looking forward to participate in the Ninth International Social Science Summer School in Ukraine dedicated to the topic of “Memories and Legacies of Revolutions: Continuity and Disruption, 19th-21st centuries” (Zaporizhzhya), 25-30 June 2018.
  • Looking forward to publication of Demodernization. A Future in The Past (ibidem Verlag/Columbia University Press) edited by Prof. Yakov Rabkin and myself in May 2018.
  • Looking forward to publication of ‘Government–NGOs Relationship in Africa, Asia, Europe, and MENA‘ (ed. Raffaele Marchetti, Rutledge 2018) with my chapter “The Third Sector Entering The First: Cooperation and Competition of Civil Society, State and Oligarchs after Euromaidan in Ukraine“.



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